Cultural Inclusive

While the Ministry of Education is currently reviewing the current curriculum in Fiji in 2013, the department is also engaged in collaboration with the Curriculum Advisory Services (Curriculum Development Unit / Technical Vocational Education Technology) to ensure that Fiji has a formal Cultural Inclusive Curriculum by integration of cultural thematic areas across the curriculum.

The Culture and Education Unit of the department coordinates, facilitates and participates in the teaching of cultural classes, forums, council meetings workshops, symposiums, seminars, celebrations, festivals and showcases. It also assists in providing artists opportunity to showcase their talents by providing platforms for them to workshop teachers and other community members the art or craft knowledge, skills and values of their speciality.

Six Multicultural Centres

The six Multicultural centres located around Fiji have been embarking on the teaching of the basic traditional and contemporary cultural classes in the use of traditional musical instruments, martials arts, drama, dances, poems, songs. Currently, the unit in collaboration with the department are year marked to review the cultural educational programmes offered at the centres and also ensure they are recognised, quality and of international standards as well.

Fiji Arts Council Caramaka Project

The Caramaka workshops are currently under Fiji Arts Council Project and have been planned to be a platform for dissemination of cultural education knowledge, skills and values to the schools and the community as a whole. The department is currently working with Fiji Arts Council to assist in the workshop for Art & Craft Teachers in Fiji to ensure that they are empowered to teach traditional and cultural art and craft in the primary and secondary schools in Fiji.

Suva Education Art Association

The department is also working in collaboration with the Suva Education Arts Association to assist in funding a Suva Education Art Association showcase. The showcase highlights different talents and aspirations in arts and crafts from 23 school children around Suva and Lami.

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Project

One Laptop per Child is a worldwide project and has been earmarked to be distributed to all schools in Fiji. The department worked in collaboration with the Primary Section, University of the South Pacific and other stakeholders to ensure the administration and the foundation of the One Laptop per Child was piloted in three primary schools in Fiji: Navesi Primary Nabua Sanatan and Delainamasi Primary School in 2013.The project is expected to 732 primary schools in Fiji.