December 1, 2020

Vuli Ni Sauvaki Ni Vanua o Serua

March 18, 2020

“Fijian bird dish”

This elegant shallow bowl was apparently created for drinking an intoxicating drink made from the root of the pepper plant that is regularly drunk all over […]
March 18, 2020

Rotuma Chiefs

Community Engagements: Rotuma Chiefs 2003 Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention Workshop. Government representatives from the Ministry of Health; Ministry of Fisheries and Bio Security Rotuma were present […]
March 13, 2020

Fijian Firewalking:

The Fijian firewalking ritual being demonstrated at Pacific Harbour. The stones are heated over several hours, the unburnt wood and embers are removed, the stones are […]
March 6, 2020

“Household and Daily Life”

Baskets, fans, and cooking utensils were necessary for day-to-day life in the Fijian village. Pandanus and coconut leaves, along with the fibre from coconut husks (sinnet), […]
March 6, 2020


This goddess-image dating from the 18 to early 19 century was collected by Dr. William MacGregor, the chief medical officer in Fiji from 1875-88. It was […]
March 6, 2020

“Head rest – Kali”

“Slightly curved wooden bar rests on a circle of wood, itself resting on a flat base. Very highly polished, made from a single piece of sacred […]
March 5, 2020

“Vakavutuvutu” Mat

“Vakavutuvutu” mat weaved by Ms.Miliakere Aditaroga from Nawaikama in Gau Island.
March 5, 2020

Multi-Cultural Administrators and Chairpersons Workshop:

The Department of Heritage and Arts facilitated a workshop for the Multi-Cultural Administrators and Chairpersons on the theme “Centre for learning and promoting Culture and Arts […]