Cultural Industries & GIS

This unit supports the connection between culture and economics. The “Cultural Industries” comprise many different sectors, such as: dance, film, visual arts, traditional crafts, music and performing arts.

The cultural industries in Fiji can be opportunities for positive change, such as:

  • strengthening cultural identity and diversity,
  • stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • supporting education and training,
  • involving youths as agents of cultural revitalisation and continuity,
  • supporting the participation of women in the development of the country, and
  • generating economic growth, exports and employment.

The Cultural Industries Unit works with the Fiji Arts Council to provide Cultural Grants to individuals, groups, and entities that are undertaking cultural activities. The scheme, initiated since 2003, emphasizes Government’s support for arts and culture. Allocation of funds is recommended by the Cultural Grants Committee (CGC), members of which are selected by the Department. For more information on Cultural Grants Funds.

The Geographical Information System (GIS) team is responsible for research and updating of the national cultural industries list, production of digital thematic heritage maps, and developing and maintaining a geo-database.