World Heritage Unit

The Department of Heritage and Arts through the World Heritage Unit is tasked with prime responsibility as the lead government agency in Fiji for World Heritage matters. The World Heritage Unit of the Department was established in 2005.It has an ongoing role to play in World Heritage activities to ensure that Fiji’s international ob-ligations under the World Heritage Convention signed in 1990 are being met and implemented. This is addressed through the provision of advice regarding Fiji’s responsibilities under the World Heritage Convention, Legisla-tion, financial measures for the protecting World Heritage, stakeholder coordination and the role of government in World Heritage conservation in Fiji.

Regular contact and working relationships are established with department staff, regional and international organi-zations, potential investors, donors and development partners and other Government agencies with responsibili-ties in the heritage portfolio in Fiji to meet the Government’s Convention obligations. These agencies include the Departments of Environment, Forestry, Fisheries, and Town and Country Planning, the Institute of Fijian Language and Culture, the National Trust of Fiji, the Native Lands Trust Board, the National Archives and the Fiji Museum, etc

Currently, the Department through the World Heritage Unit is working together with key stakeholders on Ovalau island from the local communities, villages and Tikinas, local government, local committees, schools, churches and private sector to build support for the conservation and management of Fiji’s first UNESCO World Heritage site i.e. the Historical Port Town of Levuka in line with the provisions of the Levuka Management Plan and the Fiji Heritage Decree. The successful inscription of the Historical Port Town on the UNESCO World Heritage List-ing in 2013 remains the most memorable achievement of the Unit for the Department, government of Fiji, South Pacific and for the conservation of the World Heritage of Mankind in general.