World Heritage Unit

Formed in 2005, the World Heritage Unit is responsible for National level planning for the protection, conservation and promotion of World Heritage and the World Heritage sites of Fiji.

The core functions of the World Heritage Unit are to:

  1. Advise Government on matters relating to World Heritage and its Convention
  2. To provide for policy direction for World Heritage in Fiji
  3. Ensure the implementation of the Action for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention in Fiji. This Action Plan emanates from the Pacific Action Plan(Pacific region)
  4. Establish the Fiji Register of Potential World Heritage Places and monitor places in the Register
  5. To assist in the Preparation of Nomination Dossiers to the World Heritage List
  6. Monitor the state of conservation of World Heritage sites as required by UNESCO and ICOMOS
  7. Coordinate action through the World Heritage Site Management Plan to protect and enhance the Outstanding Universal Values of World Heritage sites
  8. Be a reference in the field of world heritage conservation by developing and sharing specialist knowledge, setting standards for quality work, providing advice and public consultations, promoting research and documentation and facilitating the conservation work and programs
  9. To plan and provide for funding for the management and protection of places in the Fiji Register
  10. Build awareness of World Heritage and World Heritage sites and to engender a sense of custodianship and secure long term support by promoting understanding of its values and significance
  11. To provide for capacity building and reporting duties

The World Heritage has been actively involved in the coordination of the Implementation of the Management Plan of the Historical Port Town of Levuka since its inscription in 2013 with the surrounding community and stakeholders.