A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.
Mahatma Gandhi


The Department of Heritage and Arts was established to coordinate the safeguarding (preservation, protection and promotion) of Fiji’s rich cultural diversity, its multi-faceted art forms, and the unique heritages that engulf our beautiful shores.

In these new millennia and the challenges that it brings forth, the Department is steadfast in treasuring our multi-cultural society and creating platforms in which the indigenous (itaukei) and other ethnic cultures in Fiji, their traditions and religious beliefs are valued, honoured and developed.

Our programs are geared towards establishing strategies that will enhance the sustainability of our cultures and also using culture as a vector for economic gain for our communities and the nation. UNESCO emphasises that situating culture at the heart of development policy in the country is an essential and important venture as it will ensure keeping a place for our future generations and also that we easily adapt to ever changing global processes.

While the Department focuses on the development of policies and protection mechanisms, it is the role of our key agencies such as the Fiji Arts Council, Fiji Museum, National Trust of Fiji and the 6 Multi-Cultural Centres around Fiji (in partnership with other key stakeholders) to implement at the community level important cultural development initiatives.

We hope that this medium of information sharing will enhance greater understanding and provide individuals, institutions and communities with the appropriate tools to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the Department, its work in as far as cultural development is concerned, the promotion of the intangible cultural heritage in Fiji, development of heritage sites for national and international recognition, cultural industries, cultural statistics, community development projects and basic interactive (Talanoa) Sessions on news and topics of discussion.

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Department of Heritage and Arts

National Sites of Heritage Significance

Fiji has a kaleidoscope of outstanding natural and cultural sites which characterize its diverse heritage. Explore these sites which have been in existence prior to human settlement on the islands and subsequent occupation. Some of the cultural structures have withstood the elements to remain an integral symbol of Fiji’s rich history.

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Cultural Projects in Fiji

The Department is supportive of many cultural initiatives implemented at the community level by organisations, institutions, cultural groups and individuals. This details the projects that have been given financial incentive by the Department and successfully undertaken.

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Stakeholders play a pivotal role in the development of the culture sector in Fiji. These institutions provide necessary direction, advice and opportunities in the various sub-sectors so that strategies, plans and policies are implemented holistically in greater cooperation and partnership. Learn more about each stakeholder by clicking on the names!

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