Technical & Professional Advisories

What is it?

Technical and Professional Advisories refer to committees, working groups, secretariats:

  • appointed through the advice of the Director;
  • appointed by the Director;
  • appointment of the Director by invitation from other stakeholder institutions;
  • appointment of the Director through consensus at a national, regional and international forum;
  • automatic appointment of Director to chair or become a member.

These groups provide the necessary advice needed to mobilize and implement activities in the various sub-sectors of culture such as the cultural industries (Fashion, art/craft, performing arts), cultural heritage, culture and education

What are they?

Permanent Technical Advisories  and Secretariats include:

  • Fiji National World Heritage Committee (Secretariat);
  • Fiji National Commission for UNESCO (FNATCOM for UNESCO) – (Culture Sector Focal Point)
  • MSG Sub-Committee for Culture (Chair)
  • SPC Council of Pacific Arts (Member)
  • Levuka Heritage Forum (Secretariat)
  • Fiji Cultural Grants Committee (Chair)
  • Fiji Memory of the World Executive Board and Committee (Member)

Boards and Councils:

  • Fiji Arts Council Board (Member)
  • Fiji Museum Board of Trustees (Member)
  • National Trust of Fiji Council (Member)
  • Multi-Cultural Centres Committee (Advisor)


The Director and Department senior personnel are sometimes invited to take-up short appointments in working groups, technical teams and clusters based on various working needs of its stakeholders at national, regional and international level.

At times, international appointments to governing boards and committee also beckon the participation of senior personnel of the Department such as the recent appointment of a former staff to the UNESCO Category 2 Centre (ICHCAP) Korea Executive Board Adi Meretui Ratunabuabua.