Organization Structure

Who we are?


The Department of Culture, Heritage & Arts [DCHA] was established in 2000 to:

  • Facilitate and coordinate the activities of the different Ministries and departments and that of the non-government organizations that currently protect and manage arts, culture and heritage in Fiji.
  • Responsible to government for three cultural heritage agencies – The Fiji Museum, National Trust of Fiji and Fiji Arts Council and in 2011 the merge of the six Multi-Cultural Centres under the Departments mandate.

There are two fundamental reasons for government involvement in this sector. They are:

  • The preservation, conservation, protection and development of Fiji’s rich indigenous and diverse cultural traditions which are fundamental to its identity and development as a nation.
  • That the culture and heritage sector has enormous potential for employment creation and income generation.

How we work?

The Department Of Culture, Heritage & Arts currently has five units which form the core sects of activities including policy development, and implementation of projects pertaining to cultural heritage at the national level.

The 5 Units include:

  1. Policy & Convention, Intangible Cultural Heritage Unit
  2. World Heritage Unit
  3. Creative & Cultural Industries, Statistics & Grants Unit
  4. Culture and Education, Multi-Cultural Centre Unit
  5. Corporate Unit.