Cultural Grants Funding Program:

The Department of Heritage and Arts provides financial and other support for the arts and culture in Fiji through its new Cultural Grants Funding Program. The scheme, initiated since 2003, emphasizes Government’s support for arts and culture. Allocation of funds is recommended by the Cultural Grants Committee (CGC), members of which are selected by the Department, and the implementation of successful applications/projects are then, in most cases, managed by the Fiji Arts Council.

What is Cultural Grant?

Cultural Grant is to provide financial assistance in promotion, protection, safeguarding of all Culture in Fiji.

The 7 programs eligible for funding under the Cultural Grants Program:

Program 1 – Community Cultural Development

Program 2 – Dance/Meke

Program 3 – Literature and History

Program 4 – Music

Program 5 – Performing Arts Touring

Program 6 – Visual Arts and Crafts

Program 7 – Capital Infrastructure (beautification of village historical or heritage sites)

The applicant certifies that the information in this submission is, to the best of

His’s/her’s/its’s knowledge, true and correct. The applicant understands that any omission or false statement made in the submission may result in the withdrawal or the non-approval of the request.


  1. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their applications with the Department prior to their submissions. The officers of the Department have no decision-making role in relation to the allocation of grants. Any information given by staff should be seen as information only.
  2. If you are requesting assistance for purchase of equipments e.g. musical instruments you are to submit 3 quotations and select the supplier you most recommend.
  3. Your submission may be approved in part or not at all. If approved in part, you may be required to furnish 1/3 or 50% of total cost of your request according to the decision of the Cultural Grants Committee.
  4. All successful applicants are required to furnish a short report and receipts as proof for acquittals no later than 45 days from commencement of project. At this stage you can seek advice from the Department on the compilation of report and acquittals.

All successful applicants are also required to acknowledge the support of the Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts in all promotional material associated with the project.

Information Kit for Applicants

Who can apply?

  • Communities at villages, tikina and/or provincial level
  • Individual artists, craftspeople, musicians, composers ( if approved their grants will be managed by the Fiji Arts Council)
  • Community-based organizations conducting cultural workshops
  • Local arts and cultural organizations or professional bodies
  • Local government authorities and tertiary institutions
  • Other government ministries/departments who would like to jointly fund cultural programs/projects with the Department of Culture & Heritage

How to apply?

Program 1 Community Cultural Development

If intending to apply under Program 1 you are to submit the following:

  1. Written proposal from community with endorsement from your local Provincial office, if possible, although it is not necessary since the respective Provincial office will be notified by the Department when staff initially make a follow-up visit.
  2. State various cultural revival programs you would like undertaken
  3. Mail or hand-deliver applications

For Programs 2-7

If intending to apply under Programs 2-7 you are to submit 2 copies of your proposal no more than 6 pages and using the following as a guide:

  1. Name of individual or organization
  2. Address, phone, fax and email contact
  3. Individual/Organization profile – information about the individual or organization including details about previous cultural activities and/or current activities
  4. Title of project/activity to be funded
  5. Details of project/activity to be funded – in 2-3 paragraphs describe the project/activity including those who will benefit from it (directly and indirectly)
  6. Objectives of project/activity – list them only
  7. Location of project/activity
  8. List those who will directly and indirectly benefit from the project/activity
  9. Duration of project/activity
  10. Budget of project/activity
  11. Declaration and signature of applicant – Please insert the declaration statement below at the end of your proposal with your signature and date.