Policy & Convention, ICH and Multi-Cultural Centres

The Policy and Conventions Unit looks into the development of Cultural Policies as stipulated in the 5Year – 20Year National Development Plan of Government as well as the review of current legislation and the development of national strategies and frameworks for the cultural sector.

The Unit also looks into the cultural sector participation at the sub-regional and regional levels in furthering Fiji’s interest regarding the sector. At the international level – the Unit mobilizes in-line ministries; non-governmental organizations; statutory bodies and stakeholders towards the ratification of UNESCO Conventions.  The Unit plays a pivotal role in enhancing and the culture and heritage sector.

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Unit concentrates on the implementation of the 2003 Convention at the national level which government ratified in 2010. The Unit works in collaboration with in-line ministries and stakeholders in addressing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through Intangible Cultural Heritage.  The Unit also works with various communities regarding safeguarding programmes and raising awareness on the importance of transmission.  There are commitments also at the regional level due to Fiji’s position as the hub of the Pacific and showcasing to the region the success of implementation at the national level.  The Unit also carries out reporting to UNESCO and secretarial duties during regional gatherings.